• FAQs for Beginners

    What should I wear to class?
    You should wear layers. As you work up a sweat you will be glad you did!
    The temperature in the upper gym at Westminster High School is inconsistent so sometimes it is
    on the warm side and other times quite chilly.
    Where can I get clogging shoes?
    At the first class we will tell you about the options for beginning clogging shoes. We do have some
    used shoes that can be purchased for a small fee. You can also buy taps for
    $9 (which we have) and attach them to inexpensive tennis shoes. This website has links to clogging supply
    vendors but please wait until your first class to purchase anything. Our members are a wealth of
    information on styles and preferences.
    Do I need dance experience?
    No, we will teach you everything you need to know, including how to keep a beat!
    Do I need a partner?
    No partner is needed.
    What ages take the classes?
    All ages are welcomed and encouraged to try clogging. The younger children do better when a parent
    or other adult joins them in the lesson and they learn together.
    Clogging is multi-generational and a fun family activity. If you’ve seen our show, you might recall the
    grandmother, daughter and granddaughter family with a 60 year age difference.
    Do I have to perform?
    No, but you will want to when you see how much fun we have!
    Where can I learn more about clogging?
    Check out youtube.com and search for clogging.
    America’s Got Talent has had clogging groups perform on national TV, such
    as All That!, Fab Five and Southern Belles.
    What happens after the 10 week beginner class?
    You will have the option to continue on for another 10 weeks in Session II. After that you can join the
    club and attend their practices. Over the summer we will have opportunities for you to learn more dances. We also have most of our dances recorded on “video teaches” for you to learn at your own
    pace from home.